Living in Chicago

Video: Explore Hyde Park: A Historic Chicago Neighborhood

Is there a better city in the United States? We don’t think so. The architecture, the lake front,
the restaurants, the art scene, the night life, the parks, the museums, and our sports teams are
world class. Visit this tourism page and this guide to Chicago attractions for a sampling of what
the city can offer. For an inside look, try the Chicago Tribune or Time Out Chicago.

Hyde Park

The City of Chicago lives on a residential scale, with 77 neighborhoods, each with distinct cultures, attractions, and points of interest. The University of Chicago’s main campus is located in Hyde Park, a beautiful, walkable, and diverse community, with an important history in U.S. politics and offering a wide array of restaurants, museums, schools, and historic architecture. For more on the neighborhood, check out the Hyde Park Historical Society.

For updates on the latest shopping and dining, visit the 53rd Street Blog.

Graduate students typically rent apartments in Hyde Park through private rental companies. Learn more about Hyde Park and housing resources through UChicagoGRAD. The University does not have on-campus housing for graduate students.

UChicago Campus

As you’ll soon discover, this is a campus that takes “the life of the mind” seriously. The variety of lectures, workshops, invited speakers, and other campus events is a hallmark of this institution, as is the intellectual curiosity and drive that all UChicago faculty and students.

Get a feel for campus life via a virtual display of campus architecture, checking out our neighborhood attractions, downloading a campus map and walking guide, and arranging for a campus tour.