Social Outings

The small size of each CIR cohort allows students and faculty to get to know one another both inside and outside of the classroom. Along with workshops, seminars, speaker events and conferences, opportunities for more informal intellectual and social exchange take place through the year.  These include student-run socials, faculty dinners and the annual Winter Student-Faculty Reception, End of Year Dinner, and more.

The CIR Student Social Committee organizes a variety of activities, from outings to Chicago area cultural and sports events to pub nights and international relations trivia competitions. Students also network with program alumni through the annual alumni PhD and career panels, externships and more informal events.

Faculty Dinners

The program hosts a series of dinners with faculty at the University’s Quad Club. These dinners further our goal of facilitating rich student-faculty interaction by providing a relaxed atmosphere for intellectual engagement outside of classrooms or office hours.