Join the Career Mentor Program

Share your story with current students on campus! Our mentor program is an opportunity to deliver a talk about your career path, promote your industry and build mentoring relationships through informational interviews with students. From any location you can bring new insight to a current student. Fill out an interest form to Become a Mentor.

Create a Career Connection

Help us to develop career connections and professional networks for our students with your workplace or organization through internship, externship or full-time opportunities. Please click here to Share a Career Opportunity to build a critical bridge to professional experiences for CIR students.

Participate in CIR's Annual Career Symposium

Every February CIR facilitates direct exchange among alumni and current students on the University of Chicago campus.  This flagship event features alumni from across the country and from different industries. The program includes a series of TED-like talks and panel discussions in which alumni share critical career lessons they've learned and how the CIR degree has been relevant to their success.  Please let us know if you are interested in returning to Hyde Park to Share Your Story and Connect with our students.

Refer a CIR Applicant

Do you know someone who would make an outstanding CIR student? Your experience of the intensive CIR year makes you a great reference for our future students. Application deadlines are January 3rd and April 30th. Please forward this email to potential applicants, or have them write Paul Staniland, Faculty Chair.