Joint and Dual Degrees

Along with its one-year MA program, the Committee on International Relations offers two joint degree programs: a MBA/MA with the Booth School of Business, and a BA/MA (for undergraduates entering their final year in the College at the University of Chicago).  CIR also offers dual degree options: a JD/MA with the Law School, and a MA/MA with the Harris School of Public Policy.  Joint and dual degree students must satisfy all CIR degree requirements, including course distribution requirements and registered attendance in our non-credit MA thesis workshop sequence. 

Applicants interested in the joint MBA/MA program should apply through the Booth School of Business.

Only University of Chicago undergraduates may apply for the joint BA/MA program. No GRE scores are required. For further information see your College Advisor and contact the Associate Dean of Students in the Social Sciences.

Applicants interested in the dual JD/MA program must apply separately to and be admitted to both the Law School and the Committee on International Relations. 

Applicants interested in the dual MA program in International Relations and Public Policy Studies must apply separately to both the Committee on International Relations and the Harris School of Public Policy.  Contact the Harris School for more details. Please note that students in this program must always start in CIR and complete the degree requirements for CIR in the first year.

All applicants to the Committee on International Relations are expected to meet the graduate admissions requirements of the Social Sciences Division. We encourage students to download and review the division's complete admissions requirements and expectations before they begin applying.