Increasing Our Influence and Impact

The relationships that CIR students build with one another and to the program have created a vibrant alumni community. Through the CIR LinkedIn Group current CIR students and alumni can find one another, seek professional advice, post and find job openings, and maintain their CIR connections. 

The Alumni Network

As CIR alumni, the best way to support the program is by sharing your story. Given the diversity of career paths out of CIR, current students—and alumni making a transition—generally lack the information necessary to determine viable options and focus their energy. While many candidates rely on passive sources of information such as job descriptions and organization websites, those who also engage with alumni as active sources of (insider) information are more likely to succeed. Below are highly impactful ways to support CIR.

Join the alumni network  to share your story and receive updates about events, CIR, and the university. We welcome your feedback and ideas as well.

Foreign Policy Circle in DC

In 2013, the Committee on International Relations launched its Foreign Policy Circle. This group, led by alumni of CIR in DC, provides alumni of the university the opportunity to enjoy Washington, DC’s rich international affairs environment. It presents an organizational vehicle to cultivate alumni engagement and provides a dynamic forum for the exchange of important intellectual, practical and professional resources.

The University of Chicago Foreign Policy Circle hosts a series of events throughout the year on themes related to major contemporary events and trends. Guest speakers include experts in the foreign policy community, such as senior US Government officials, foreign dignitaries, and others, as well as faculty from the University of Chicago.

The goal is to celebrate the intellectual caliber of the CIR program through engagement with practitioners of foreign policy. An additional goal of this initiative is to connect recent graduates with experienced practitioners of foreign policy. Through those interactions the group hopes to facilitate effective career transitions and ensure CIR alumni contribute in a way commensurate with their training at the University of Chicago. We encourage students to approach alumni of this group for career guidance.

  • An Example of Past Events | Our inaugural event was titled "The Arab Spring, Democracy and US Foreign Policy." Our guest speaker was Ambassador William B. Taylor.  Ambassador William B. Taylor is Vice President for Middle East & Africa at the US Institute of Peace. He was Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions in the State Department, appointed by the Secretary of State to coordinate assistance to Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. Previously he was US ambassador to Ukraine, US representative to the Mideast Quartet facilitating Israeli disengagement from Gaza, first director of the Iraq Reconstruction & Management Office, coordinator for international and US assistance to Afghanistan, and coordinator of US assistance to the former Soviet Union & Eastern Europe. 
  • Foreign Policy Circle Membership | To join the membership list and be contacted for future events please complete this form

A special thanks to Max Primorac of BTR Partners and the Institute for Stabilization & Transition for helping launch this alumni program.