Vanessa Carey, Administrative & Events Coordinator

Vanessa is the Administrative and Events Coordinator for MAPSS, CIR and Computation. In this role Vanessa helps to manage internal program operations and organizes a broad range of social events which bring students together and foster a friendly environment outside of the classroom. Students should feel free to stop by her office or any of the events she leads to introduce themselves. Vanessa recently graduated from the University of Dayton with a BA in International Studies and Spanish where she specialized in economic development and immigration. She has experience in higher education from her time at the University of Dayton Human Rights Center and has also worked in the legal and nonprofit sectors.

Phone: (773) 702-8301 | E-mail: | Office: 5736 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Room 202

Vanessa Carey

E.G. Enbar, Student Affairs Administrator

E.G. Enbar maintains student academic records, communicates critical deadlines, provides support for submitting protocols to the Institutional Review Board and generally strives to ensure that students graduate. She can answer general questions about your academic record, transcript and progress. Prospective students may contact E.G. with any and all questions about the CIR program and its admissions process. E.G. has an MS from the University of Oregon and a BA from Indiana University. Her professional background is in the field of disabilities working as an advocate, consultant, and policy analyst.

Phone: (773) 702-8312 | E-mail: | Office: 5730 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Room 402

E.G. Enbar

Tekeisha Yelton-Hunter, Business Administrator

Tekeisha is the Business Administrator who manages the day-to-day operations for MAPSS, CIR, Computational Social Science, and Geographical Studies.  She coordinates accounts management, payroll, billing, procurement and reimbursements.  She also provides support for submitting academic appointments to the Dean’s office of the Social Sciences Division; as well as, assisting with event preparation.  She holds an MS degree from Benedictine University and a BA from Robert Morris University. 

Phone: (773) 702-8304 | E-mail: | Office: 5736 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Room 204

Tekeisha Yelton-Hunter